Baltimore Transit Workers Protest BaltimoreLink


BaltimoreLink, a controversial $135 million revamp of the city bus system, has drawn a lot of negative attention from the local community and members of the Amalgamated Transit Union 1300.

On Wednesday, nearly 40 members of the city’s transit worker union, along with supporters gathered at the War Memorial to rally against the changes made to the city bus system. Those in attendance say the bus route changes have created problems for some riders, forcing them to go to different stops to catch buses and make more transfers.Some riders have become so frustrated that they are taking their anger out of drivers, who say they are being harassed. The Maryland Transit Administration continues to defend BaltimoreLink.

“The fact is BaltimoreLink is finally changing the unacceptable status quo that has existed in Baltimore City for decades, where disconnected and disorganized transit options simply haven’t connected residents to jobs,” said Sandy Arnette, MTA spokeswoman, per The Baltimore Sun.

Since the implementation of Governor Larry Hogan’s BaltimoreLink, more than 130,000 of the city’s residents can now access the bus service within a quarter-mile of their home, which is about a third more than before, according to Arnette.

The union has asked the MTA and Hogan to reassess the changes and add lines and services.

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