Baltimore Settles Lawsuit Alleging False Imprisonment, False Arrest


The Board of Estimates approved an $110,000 payment to settle allegations of false imprisonment and false arrest made by Carlynn Smith and Ivan Pratt Sr.

Attorneys filed a lawsuit against the Baltimore Police Department on behalf of Smith and Pratt, alleging the defendants were falsely arrested after seeking assistance following a “road rage” incident. Also named in the lawsuit were Sgt. Mark Moore, Officer Alejandro Pena and Sgt. Terrence McGowan.


On September 8, 2013, Pratt and Smith were driving on Hanover Street when a vehicle prevented them from making a lane change and cut them off. The occupants of the other vehicle threw objects at Smith’s vehicle, eventually breaking the window. The incident escalated, forcing Smith and Pratt to seek assistance from a law enforcement officer patrolling in the area.

The officer was already talking to the occupants of the other vehicle. A verbal altercation ensued, with the two sides blaming each other for the causing the incident, according to documents submitted to the Board of Estimates.

Backup was dispatched to the scene and Smith, Pratt and his brother were all arrested and Smith’s vehicle towed. After being arrested, Smith experienced a hypoglycemic episode and was taken to a local hospital for treatment.

Pratt spent five days in jail and said the felony charge prevented him from being promoted at his job.

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