Baltimore Dirt Bike Rider Fatally Shot Sunday, Rapper The Game Steps Up To Help


Sean Williams, 18, is a well-known dirt bike rider in Baltimore that drew attention from rapper The Game, when he visited the city last year to film a new music video.

Around 9:41 p.m. Sunday, Williams was in the 3700 block of Edmondson Avenue with a group of people, when he was fatally shot. Just days before his death, Williams had been released from jail. On social media, he posted “#ImBack” and “Nobody live forever”, only days before he was shot.

When The Game heard about Williams’ death, he took to social media, asking his 8 million followers and fans to donate to a fundraising account set up for the Williams’ family. He donated $1,000 of his own money to the cause.

Baltimore Murder

“He just turned 18 years old, was always smiling and the only thing he ever wanted to do is ride his dirt bike & one day become a professional so he could take care of his mother,” The Game wrote. “Well, his dreams have been cut short & his life was taken from him too soon.”

No arrests have been made in Williams’ killing, police said.

The Game has a history of giving back to the community. In 2016, while attending a block party he gave a line of children $100 bills.

“Sometimes I really wish I had enough money & resources to save the world & help every single person who needs it but I’m only one man so I do what I can for the People & stories that touch me & hit home,” The Game posted on Instagram Tuesday. “This is a kid I had the joy of crossing paths with so this one makes me really sad, so again, please let’s help his mother bury her ONLY SON.”

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  1. Not only is it illegal to ride dirtbikes in the city but In April, Williams pleaded guilty to a gun charge and was sentenced to five years, with four years and three months of that time suspended. He was released from jail on June 9, but then last week he was picked up on a warrant for a December theft charge and released on $20,000 bail. He should have never been out in the first place. And he just turned 18. Good kid, give accordingly.

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