Baltimore City Department Of Transportation Supervisor Indicted On Bribery Charges


Acting U.S. Attorney Stephen M. Schenning announced Wednesday a supervisor for the Baltimore City of Transportation has been indicted on charges related to an extortion scheme.

Fifty-year-old Daryl Christopher Wade is currently employed as a Construction Project Supervisor II within the Department of Transportation’s Street Cut Unit, which helps administer and monitor fines related to street cuts. Wade used his position to help others avoid street cut fine in exchange for cash payments, according to court documents.

Judge And JuryCompanies needing to impede into an alley, sidewalk or street must obtain a street cut permit. The permit is valid for 120 days and if the street cut is not repaired past he expiration date, the company is charged a penalty of $50 by DOT.

The owner of a Maryland-based utilities and construction company attempted to broker bribe payments in March 2016 to Wade from a Virginia-based construction company that required street cuts within the city in the city. At the time, the company had about $55 million in contracts with Baltimore to replace and/or restore sewage and water lines throughout the city. The company was awarded contracts in November 2015 and February 2016 with the city to conduct waterline and sewer overhauls, including street cuts. Street cuts were required to reach sewer and water lines.

The Virginia-based construction company was facing $1.3 million in street cut fines in 2016. The owner of the Maryland utilities companies offered to help the company reduce the fines by 80 percent, but it rejected the offer.

Wade allegedly received $5,000 from another company for voiding $17,000 in street cut fines.

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