Allied Wallet’s Andy Khawaja – TMT’s CEO of the Year

Allied Wallet’s Andy Khawaja - TMT’s CEO of the Year
Allied Wallet’s Andy Khawaja – TMT’s CEO of the Year

Dr. Andy Khawaja, the CEO of Allied Wallet is being recognized as a globally leading provider of mainstream online payment processing. He was recently featured on the cover of TMT magazine as CEO of the Year in an article called “Experts in e-Commerce.” There are plenty of factors and qualities that need to be present in order to shape a great CEO, let alone the CEO of the Year. The TMT sat down with Dr. Andy Khawaja to have an intimate look at how he runs his business. Furthermore, they took a glance of what he believes are regarded as the essential qualities for a good CEO. He even talked while discussing the role that a CEO plays in the innovation of a ‘fintech company’. He said that the job of a CEO is not at all easy. He has got a lot of responsibilities to take care of, and thus, it is his task to note the requirements of his employees. He makes sure that all his employees are being able to work without any trouble, thereby taking care of having a proper workplace culture to assure the convenience of the people working out there.

Dr Andy Khawaja talks of the leadership roles that he had played in raising 

The leadership roles of a CEO are not just found in the business and innovation aspects, as per Dr Andy Khawaja. He says that it is important for a CEO to invest in his talented team. He went on to it saying that it is essential to pay attention to the impact that the business has on its employees and upon its customers as well. He believes in helping his team so that they may help others. “I give these young entrepreneurs hope to grow and build an empire, and the chance for them to be something in this world,” says Dr. Andy Khawaja, “…I want to be the one walking in that dark tunnel with the torch in my hand and say, ‘Follow me to success, and I will lead you.’”

Dr Andy Khawaja says that he has always been an inspiration for today’s youth, and thus, he takes pride in helping them out in their innovations. He went ahead saying that he is well aware about the struggle that one needs to face, as he had gone through the same and it is only after years of hard work that he could reach where he is today. Dr. Khawaja is no stranger to hardship and struggle. However, he is a firm believer in learning from experiences and triumph through that of perseverance. He believes that probably this is why Dr. Khawaja has become such a successful leader and TMT’s ‘CEO of the Year.’ He says that he would be more than happy to say that maybe this is the secret to his success.

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