Allied Wallet CEO Andy Khawaja Interviewed: Entrepreneurialism and Success by MediaPlanet

Allied Wallet is a globally acknowledged provider of online credit card processing and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway. The company is also known for its multi-currency merchant services. The firm was recently featured on the Media Planet of the United Kingdom. The CEO was also interviewed wherein Dr Andy Khawaja had given his insight about the digital payments’ industry. He went on saying that is all due to the continuous dedication and hard work of the team that could finally help him achieve his dream. 

Recently, Allied Wallet had come up with his idea but at the same time, he mentions that it wasn’t a single man’s job. It is only due to the joint effort of the team and the dedication of the team that they made it possible. He also tells the other entrepreneurs to make sure that they would also participate in the work along with the team so that none of the members feel if they are treated differently. It is important for the entrepreneur to behave as a part of the team, and only then would it be possible for everyone to fetch their dreams. 

Entrepreneur publication declares Dr Andy Khawaja as a self made billionaire

Entrepreneur is regarded as an independent publication that was included with The Guardian in the United Kingdom. Dr Andy Khawaja was recently featured on the cover that lies right next to Richard Branson. He claims the CEO to be a Self Made Billionaire with a feature. Also, the feature portrays an exclusive interview of the CEO wherein he spoke a lot about his business and the way it grew up to such a success. Dr Andy Khawaja has always served to be an inspiration for the others. The article further focuses on his intention of assisting the struggling entrepreneurs throughout their battle so that they can establish themselves in the industry. 

Allied Wallet reaching its goal of giving it back to the society

Dr Andy Khawaja in his interview mentions that he has started this empire back in the year 2002, and it was since then that he had given all his efforts in raising up this up to such a success where it is today. Dr Andy Khawaja further says that he can understand the struggle that these young minds go through as he had also undergone the same. He said that at times, it gets really tough for an individual to stay motivated while making others believe in the dream that they could see turning true years after. Furthermore, Dr Andy Khawaja said that the journey wasn’t easy, but he made it happen over the years. Also, he mentions that he has always worked towards achieving his goal, which was not to make money but to help others and come up with something that would help other businesses to flourish. Of course, his creation of Allied Wallet stands true to his wish! 

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