A Continuum – Visiting Inmates In Maryland’s Correctional Facilities


A report released by the Division of Correction revealed in 2017, the average daily population of inmates in Maryland was 19,883. The report also revealed the average length of stay for Maryland inmates was 26.87 months or a little over two years.

Being a child, parent, or spouse of an incarcerated inmate generally comes with more downs than ups. The families of incarcerated inmates have many daily struggles, ranging from finances to relationships. Then there is the stigmatization of being a family member of an incarcerated inmate.

When it comes to children of incarcerated parents, the risk factors are significantly high. One of the most concerning risk factors is imprisonment for children of incarcerated inmates. One study revealed that 21% of 1,427 incarcerated mothers and 8.5% of incarcerated fathers have an adult child who has been incarcerated.

A 2015 study deemed “It’s Not All Cupcakes and Lollipops” focused on the impact prison visitation has on children during parental incarceration. The researchers examined the behavioral and emotional responses of children who visited their parents in prison. The study was conducted in two phases, the examination of quantitative data on 984 children and caregiver reports of 40 children. Age, “visitation paradox” indicators, and prior life circumstances were taken into consideration. The study revealed “overwhelmingly negative responses” of parental prison visitation among children.

Each case is unique. Caregivers and parents, including those incarcerated, need to determine if visiting is in the best interest of their children.

Visiting Hours For Maryland Prisons

Infants and children 18 years of age and younger are welcome in Maryland prisons. They must be accompanied by an individual who has been approved for visitation and 18 years of age and older. All visitors are required to register in advance. Inmates are permitted to visit with no more than five visitors, including infants and children, bi-weekly on weekdays and weekly on weekends.

Individuals 16 years of age and older must present with a photo ID.

During the visitation, no visitors will be permitted into the restrooms.

For more information visit the Department of Public Safety & Correctional Services website.

Utilize books about parental incarceration available on Amazon to ensure a smoother transition for your children.

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