11 Medical Marijuana Businesses Preparing To Open In Baltimore


In preparation to open 11 medical marijuana dispensaries, the Baltimore City Council scheduled a hearing, which will be held at 1 p.m. Wednesday, to gather details about the impact the facilities will have on community master plans and local zoning.

Some residents are finding it difficult to obtain information about where the dispensaries are opening and how the sites were selected. Council members hope to address residents’ concerns about possible increasing crime in neighborhoods with marijuana dispensaries. One dispensary in particular will open in the 3300 block of Keswick Road in Wyman Park.

Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Under the zoning codes, marijuana dispensaries are treated like pharmacies, which basically mean that they do not need to obtain zoning approval prior to opening, if they are approved by the state.

Some community members are not being alerted of new dispensaries in their neighborhoods. The zoning codes do not include restrictions on how far the medical marijuana dispensaries should be located from parks, schools, childcare centers and residential areas.

Mayor Catherine Pugh wants marijuana accessible to patients, but is considering the community concerns. She said the dispensaries should be placed in commercial areas and not residential areas.

The 11 marijuana dispensaries approved by the state in Baltimore’s six legislative districts include:

H&G Maryland LLC (District 41: Baltimore City)
Chesapeake Integrated Health Institute LLC (District 40: Baltimore City)
Blair Wellness Center LLC (District 43: Baltimore City)
Medical Products and Services Inc. (District 43: Baltimore City)
Charm City Relief Partners LLC (District 44: Baltimore City and Baltimore County)
GreenLabs Inc. (District 46: Baltimore City)
CannaMD LLC (District 45: Baltimore City)
Hallaway LLC (District 45: Baltimore City)
Doctor’s Order Maryland (District 46: South Baltimore)
Pure Life Medical Inc. (District 46: Baltimore City)
WadeWomen LLC-Dr. Dot’s (District 40: Baltimore City)

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