Baltimore Man Charged With Murder Of Infant Son

On Tuesday, a Baltimore man was charged with two counts of murder in the death of his 6-month-old son, who died in September 2016. Thirty-four-year-old Cornelius McBride of Calverton Heights was charged... Read more »

New Study Could Prove To Be Valuable For Patients With Concussions

A new study examines what occurs in the brain at the neuronal level during a concussion and shows just how a hit to the head leads to swelling along the axon of... Read more »
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A New Device That Can Detect Brain Bleeds Quicker And More Affordably Than CT Scans

A clinical trial led by director of the of the Brain Injury Outcomes Program at Johns Hopkins and the Legum Professor of Neurological Medicine, Daniel Hanley Jr., M.D., reveals that a device... Read more »