Baltimore Man Charged In Connection With Fatal Edgewood Overdose

Harford County Sheriff’s Office announced the arrest of a suspect in connection with a fatal heroin overdose that took place in Edgewood on October 17. Approximately 3 p.m. Thursday, Harford County Task... Read more »

University Of Maryland Researcher Successfully Reverse Cocaine Addiction In Mice

After a successful attempt to reverse the effects of cocaine addiction in mice models, a University of Maryland scientist is looking to expand into opioid addiction. Assistant professor of pharmacology at the... Read more »
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Anne Arundel County Police Detail Heroin Overdose Statistics

Just recently, Anne Arundel County police released statistics related to heroin overdoses in the county. The statistics show a troubling trend. The total number of overdoses in the county has continued to... Read more »

New Study Reveals Safe Places To Use Drugs Would Save $6M In Opioid Epidemic-Related Costs

A new cost-benefit analysis led by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health researchers and collaborators revealed that safe drug sites would save $6 million annually in opioid epidemic-related costs. In safe... Read more »

Surgeons Successfully Transplanted Hepatitis C-Infected Kidneys And Then Cured The Disease

Utilizing such methods – transplantation with an infected-Hepatitis C kidney – to expand the supply of available donor organs is daring and risky. Once the kidneys were transplanted, patients were administered a... Read more »

Maryland Preparing For Spike In Elephant Sedative-Related Overdoses

Maryland is seeing a spike in drug overdoses as a synthetic opioid utilized in large animals becomes more readily available. Law and health enforcement officials nationwide are concerned because it is 10,000... Read more »

The Cost Of Naloxone Could Limit Access In Maryland And Beyond

Over 800 opioid overdose victims have been saved by Naloxone. Family members administer this life-saving drug as a nasal spray or subcutaneous injection, while medical professionals inject it into a vein or... Read more »