Artscape 2017 Set To Kick Off July 21 – ‘Camp Artscape: Adventure Awaits’

Some Baltimoreans describe Artscape as a free-for-all celebration of the visual and performing arts. The art festival attracts thousands of attendees each year with its vast art exhibits, live concerts and enchanting... Read more »

Artificial Clouds To Be Released In The Sky Above The Maryland Coast

NASA will begin testing a new system on Tuesday that entails the release of artificial clouds, along with a sounding rocket launch. The luminescent clouds will be released into the environment above... Read more »
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Baltimore Scientists Prepare For The 2018 James Webb Space Telescope Launch

Anticipation on the Johns Hopkins University campus continues to build as the James Webb Space Telescope launch nears. The team of Baltimore scientists is preparing the equipment, software, facilities and personnel that... Read more »