Health Department Confirms TB Cases At Prince George’s County High School

The Prince George’s County Health Department has confirmed two cases of tuberculosis at Dr. Henry A. Wise Jr. High School. Tuberculosis (TB), an infectious bacteria infection that typically attacks the lungs, can... Read more »

University Of Maryland Researcher Successfully Reverse Cocaine Addiction In Mice

After a successful attempt to reverse the effects of cocaine addiction in mice models, a University of Maryland scientist is looking to expand into opioid addiction. Assistant professor of pharmacology at the... Read more »
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Maryland Overdose Deaths Climb Immensely Higher

The opioid epidemic has taken ahold of the entire nation. According to statistics released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in February, more than 183,000 Americans died from overdoses linked... Read more »

Baltimore Church Uses Sunday Service To Encourage People To Get Tested For HIV “Day Of Unity”

The Douglas Memorial Community Church, along with nearly 120 others across the country is urging people to get tested for HIV. The churches are incorporating Hepatitis C and HIV testing demonstrations into... Read more »

Flu Shots Will Be Available To Students Again This Year, Not Painless Nasal Spray

In 2016, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended against utilizing FluMist, intranasal influenza virus vaccine, due of its ineffectiveness. Some school systems, including Anne Arundel and Harford counties, decided... Read more »

Baby’s Facial Development May Be Altered In Utero By A Small Amount Of Alcohol Exposure

A new study conducted by researchers from Australia and Belgium suggests that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. The findings reveal that even an occasional drink of alcohol... Read more »

Despite Effective Therapy – Reservoirs Of Latent HIV Can Multiply And Possibly Reactivate

New evidence discovered by Johns Hopkins researchers reveals that immune cells infected with a latent form of HIV are capable of proliferating and refilling the reservoir of virus immune to antiretroviral drug... Read more »

New Study Reveals Feasible Path To Ending The HIV/AIDS Epidemic By 2025

A new study conducted by a team of researchers from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, describes an aspiring, but very feasible path in the direction... Read more »

New Findings Show African-Americans Distrust Flu Vaccine More Than Whites

A new study shows that a large number of African-Americans don’t get vaccinated for the flu, because they distrust the vaccine. The findings also suggest that whites think the flu is not... Read more »