Prison School Season 2- Is There A Chance of Its Premiering Soon?

Morningside Maryland Staff : Prison School Season 2 is the most anticipated thing for the fans right now. The final episode of Season 1 of this popular anime show was streamed in September 2015. It is a perverted anime show and contains some explicit adult content. So, now the question is if there is any chance at all for the release of its new season? You will likely get to watch more of the Prison School as a lot of the story matter presented in the Japanese Manga is yet to be covered in the show. Read on to get the answers to the obvious questions that you are probably having right now. ( Read also : Bungou Stray Dogs Season 4- Things That You Need To Know About It! )

Did Hana Like Kiyoshi? 

It is pretty clear from the anime series that Hana liked Kiyoshi. However, Kiyoshi’s love for Chiyo was a hurdle in Hana’s path of fulfilling her love story. Hana was asked to pass a love letter to Kiyoshi on Chiyo’s behalf. It didn’t reach Kiyoshi, for Hana had torn the letter, as expected from her. 

Another instance where the audience witnessed Hana’s feelings for Kiyoshi was when the latter was garnering funds to organize the program of the Yakiniku Party, and Hana outrightly denied going for the program by bringing up an excuse. This is because she was aware that the program was organized on the pretext of Kiyoshi declaring his love for Chiyo. 

Though Hana had tried later to confess her feelings for him on a paid date, Kiyoshi’s oblivion to this confession and his indifference did not bear any fruit to Hana’s endeavor. To prevent Chiyo and Kiyoshi’s union, Hana dissuaded Chiyo from accepting Kiyoshi’s proposal by revealing Kiyoshi’s perverted acts. However, Chiyo is so in love that she agrees to overlook all the faults of Kiyoshi. All of these acts of Hana clearly show that she liked Kiyoshi. 

Where Can I Watch Prison School Season 2? 

Prison School Season 2 has not yet been released. So, it is not known where the makers will decide to premiere it. However, season 1 of this anime series is available on the platform of Hulu, where you need to choose a subscription plan. Hulu offers subscription rates starting from $5.99 per month. 

Is Prison School Finished? 

The highly perverted and humorous anime series Prison School had received immense love from the fans when its Season 1 was launched. Prison School was finished after the premiering of its first 12 episodes from July to September 2015. Since the original Manga has about 277 chapters yet left to be molded into the series, the creator may likely come up with Season 2 of the show. 

How Many Seasons Does Prison School Have? 

Prison School has only 1 season to date with an array of 12 episodes. An OVA sequel titled ‘Prison School: Mad Wax’ was launched in March 2016. 

There have been rumors of Season 2 of Prison School to be launched shortly, but there have been no such announcements from its creators. 


Though there are increased chances of the premiering of Prison School Season 2, the creators may choose not to come with a new season due to the Manga’s not-so-high sales after the release of the first season. Anyways, there is nothing to feel sad about. If you want to know more about it, read the manga series, and you’ll get to know the whole plot. Keep your fingers crossed! Wait for the official announcement of your favorite season. 

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