Best Places in Maryland to Visit With Your Dog

Dogs are lucky, right? They get to go with you everywhere and don’t care if it’s a trip to the grocery store or a vacation in the mountains. Best of all, they don’t need passports. If you plan a trip with your dog and want to visit Maryland, they can explore plenty of places.

Here’s a list of the best places to visit with your dog in Maryland. But before that, let’s read some problems you must tackle before planning the trip with your dog.

Potential Problems You May Face During Your Travel With Your Dog

You’re going to face some challenges when traveling with your dog. The most important thing is to have a pet carrier and ensure you always bring it with you. You can’t leave your dog in the car while going into a store or restaurant, which could result in severe injury or death for your animal friend.

Also, if you plan on staying at hotels while traveling with your dog, ensure they are dog friendly before booking anything. You don’t want to waste money on an expensive trip only to find out there aren’t any rooms available for animals when you arrive.

You must also consider your pet’s health before traveling. For instance, if your dog has arthritis, making him or her do a lot of physical activities can be troublesome. According to a study published on the NCBI website, osteoarthritis prevalence among dogs above one year is 20%. This number is based on data collected from over 200 veterinarians.

If your dog has osteoarthritis or any other arthritis, physical movement will be challenging. Hence, you must take all the necessary medication, such as Rimadyl. Rimadyl for dogs is a commonly used medication for managing arthritis pain and inflammation. It can help manage your dog’s pain on travel.

Best Dog-Friendly Places to Visit in Maryland

Now that you know some problems and how to overcome them, here’s the list of places to enjoy your trip to Maryland with your pet.

Quiet Waters Park in Annapolis

Annapolis is a great place to visit with your canine friend. In addition to being home to the state capital and Naval Academy, Annapolis boasts many quiet water parks, dog-friendly restaurants, hotels, and attractions.

The Quiet Waters Park on Spa Creek offers plenty of space for dogs to play in the water or on land. There are benches along its banks where you can sit and relax while watching them splash around in this beautiful park designated as an “official” dog park by the City Council. It also has two fenced areas for smaller dogs.

Besides being just pet-friendly, Quiet Waters Park is also close to nature. The park authorities and nearby residents make efforts to ensure the environment around the park remains clean and peaceful. Hence, the residents also strongly opposed the creation of an office building in the area.

Watermark Journey

Watermark Journey offers cruises in Annapolis that are perfect for a vacation with your dog. The cruises provide anywhere from a 40-minute journey to an entire day’s trip to the visitors. The company loves dogs, and they allow free entry to them. However, pets are not allowed on special event cruises.

Hence, you need to know which cruise you are taking and if it allows dogs before booking one. In addition to the sails, Watermark Journey offers you guide services and walking tours if you want to explore Annapolis and Baltimore with your dog.

Baltimore Ghost Tours

If you’re in the area and want to visit a historic site with your dog, then the Baltimore Ghost Tours is a must-visit. You’ll experience the city’s haunted history and learn about its past residents. The tour is led by a local historian who knows the city well, so they can tell you all kinds of stories about what happened there throughout time.

The tour takes place at night and lasts about two hours, but don’t worry. You won’t be alone with your furry friend. The guides will ensure everyone stays safe while walking around dark areas together.

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards

Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyards is the perfect place for you and your canine friend to enjoy a day in the country. The winery offers a pet-friendly picnic area, so you can bring your dog for lunch or dinner on the grounds.

They also have an on-site pet boarding facility where they will keep your dog while you enjoy their wine at one of their many events held throughout the year, like live music concerts and picnics in the park. If you’d rather take them while touring the vineyard, they allow dogs on leashes in all areas except during tours.

Ayers Creek Adventures

Ayers Creek Adventures is the perfect place to visit with your furry friend. The park is open year-round and offers kayak, canoe, and SUP tours. There are also hiking trails that lead through forested areas and a campground where you can stay overnight if you’d like.

Ayers Creek Adventures sits just 10 minutes away from Ocean City, Maryland. Domestic travel to Ayers Creek Adventures with your dog is your best option if you reside in America and can’t take leaves for a long tour.

The thing is that Kayaking or Canoeing can make you and your pet feel at ease. From photography to food to outdoor activities, there’s a lot you can do here. Put simply, this place makes less time feel like more as everything in the water bodies goes slow.

Animal Welfare League of Frederick County

If you’re looking for a place to go with your dog, the Animal Welfare League of Frederick County has everything you need. They have a pet adoption center offering cats and dogs for adoption. If you’re unsure if your new furry friend is the right fit for your family but still want to spend time with them at an animal shelter, this is an excellent option.

Of course, not everyone wants their dog boarding facility close by, especially if they live far away from Frederick County. That’s why there are also remote boarding services through their website. Just fill out the form, and one of their staff members will reach out soon after receiving it.

Calvert Cliffs State Park

  • Calvert Cliffs State Park is great for hiking with your dog. There’s a long 13-mile hiking trail on the Calvert Cliffs that stretches 24 miles on the shoreline of the Chesapeake Bay.
  • The views here are amazing. The beach and the Chesapeake Bay are right there, so you can watch the waves crashing or view boats sailing by.
  • You can camp at this park if you want to spend more time exploring it or just need somewhere quiet for your dog. However, it does get crowded during summer weekends because people come from all over Maryland and Virginia just to enjoy its beauty.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about some of the best places in Maryland to visit with your dog. We know many other great destinations out there, and we would love to hear from you if you have any recommendations.

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