• Introduction: Overview of “A Goofy Movie” and the character Roxanne.
  • Character Analysis: Roxanne’s role and personality in the movie.
  • Impact on Max: How Roxanne influences Max’s character and actions.
  • Cultural Impact: The legacy and cultural significance of Roxanne in Disney fandom.


A Goofy Movie,” released in 1995, is a beloved Disney film that follows the adventures of Goofy and his teenage son, Max. One of the standout characters in the movie is Roxanne, Max’s crush, who plays a pivotal role in the storyline. Though she is not the main character, Roxanne’s presence significantly impacts the narrative and Max’s development.


Character Analysis

Roxanne is portrayed as a kind-hearted and popular high school student. Her character is designed to be the quintessential girl-next-door, embodying traits such as warmth, friendliness, and charm. Despite her limited screen time, Roxanne leaves a lasting impression due to her genuine personality and the way she is animated to capture the essence of a teenage crush (source). Critics have noted that while Roxanne’s character could have been developed further, she serves her purpose well within the film’s context (source).

Impact on Max

Roxanne’s influence on Max is profound. She is the catalyst for many of his actions throughout the movie. Max’s desire to impress Roxanne leads him to pull a prank at school, which sets off a chain of events that drive the film’s plot. His promise to take her to a concert is a driving force behind his decisions, showcasing the lengths he will go to win her affection (source). This dynamic highlights typical teenage struggles with self-esteem and the desire for acceptance, making Max’s character more relatable.

Cultural Impact

Roxanne has become a beloved character in Disney’s extensive roster, despite her relatively minor role. She represents the idealized first crush, a concept that resonates with many viewers. Over the years, Roxanne has gained a cult following, with fans appreciating her role in Max’s story and her overall contribution to the film’s charm (source). Her character continues to be a point of discussion among Disney enthusiasts, highlighting her enduring appeal.


“A Goofy Movie” remains a cherished film within the Disney canon, and Roxanne’s character is a significant part of its charm. Her role, while not extensive, is crucial in driving the plot and adding depth to Max’s character. Roxanne’s legacy as a beloved Disney character endures, reflecting the timeless nature of first crushes and the universal appeal of well-crafted animated characters.

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