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You Season 4: All The Details You Want

You are waiting for the new season of You. It is finally here, and people want to know how it will be. They want to know what they will see. We have spoilers for you. You like spoilers so we put some in here for you.

What is the release date of You season 4?

The next chapter will arrive in 2022. The next season of You has not been made, so we may have to wait for a long time. We will update this page with more information.

The first season of You was available worldwide on December 26th, 2018. The second season happened exactly one year later. The third season of You was made, but there were delays because of the pandemic. It wasn’t finished until April 2021 and then it came to Netflix six months later.

Hopefully, if production on season four starts in early 2022, episodes may be ready for us to watch before Christmas 2022.

What is the plot of You season 4?

Joe is in Paris after he killed Love. It can’t be fair to him because Love tried to kill Joe first. But Joe got away. Joe left his son with Dante, who should take care of Henry.

How You Season 3's Ending Sets Up Season 4's Story | Screen Rant

He traveled to the French capital to find Marianne. He is good at finding people. But he was supposed to be dead after being killed by Love and put in a pie, so this might make for an interesting conversation when they meet again. This means that he is telling her something that she will not like.

Joe will live happily ever after with whoever he finds. He’ll have babies and speak French.

Someone who is sick, disturbed, or violent might not be able to change. They can’t heal if they are too far gone.

We don’t know if Gabrielle will come back. Maybe she is safe from Joe forever. Gabrielle said that Marienne would not go back to Joe, but maybe he will find her. I think she would talk to him. But I want her to have peace too. I want Mara to be able to talk with Joe. And then, she will feel better about what happened.

In history, death often happens. But maybe Joe’s luck will change in the fourth season.

The most important thing about the scene in season two when Joe was spying on his neighbor Natalie (RIP) is that it shows that Joe is still Joe, but not in a good way. The man has not learned that he cannot just keep looking for the next person to attach his hopes and dreams to.

Netflix has not told us if the fourth season will be the last time we see Joe. If it is, this would also mean that You is finished too.You Season 4: Everything You Need To Know About Netflix's Series

Kepnes is writing a fourth story in the series of books. It’s not clear how they will match up with the TV show. The show has already changed what happens in the book.

“He’s going to a new place and a dream that he didn’t allow himself. He gets to experience it.”

Who will be starring in it?

There is a hint in the trailer of You Season 4 that Joe might be haunted by his past. He may be haunted by victims like Beck, Candace, and Love.

I would like to see some people from season 3 return. One person is Henry’s adoptive dad Dante. I also want Sherry and Cary back.

We also don’t think that we will see the last of Joe’s drunk mother-in-law, Dottie, and if we bring back memorable characters from previous seasons then John Stamos should be able to come back as Beck’s therapist Dr. Nicky who is currently in jail for murders that Joe committed.

Stamos, who currently stars in the Disney+ series Big Shot, did not return for season three. But he said his wife Caitlin told him that Dr. Nicky is her favorite character of his.

One time I had a scene in the jail. It was my second season of acting. I had one scene where I am like messed up and talking to Jesus (maybe). Then my boss said it was the best scene I have ever done.

Joe has a teenage neighbor. Joe is still sending her gifts even though we do not see her on the show anymore. I had an amazing time there. If they want me back, I am happy to take a few shots at Joe again.


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