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You Season 3 Release Date: All Of The Details You Need To Know

Are you ready for Season 3? You can’t wait to see You Season 3. The show’s creator has said that the third season will release this year. He also said that he doesn’t know how many episodes there will be this time around, but it is likely going to be less than 10 episodes.

What is the release date of You Season 3?

The most important question. When will season 3 of You come out on Netflix? On August 30th, it was confirmed that the new season would release on October 15th, 2021.

What is the plot of You Season 3?

The 3rd season of this show will be about the book Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes. Episode 1 is called “And They Lived Happily Ever After” and has been written by Sera Gamble and Mairin Reed. Silver Tree directed it. You can find the script on Twitter below. The second season of this show had a big twist at the end. Love Quinn, who Joe didn’t know that much about, killed the person he liked the most. And she also killed her brother’s girlfriend when they were younger.

Quinn had money problems, and Forty tried to protect his sister. But it did not work, and Forty died. His death solved Quinn’s money problem, but not Henderson’s death.

Joe is tired of living in the city, so he moves to the suburbs with his pregnant girlfriend. It turns out that Joe’s new neighbor will be his next victim.

Penn Badgley, the lead actor of “You,” has a theory on what to expect from Joe in season 3. He thinks that Joe will want to find what was taken from him when he was a kid and will try and find out why he became a sociopath.

If you liked season 2, then you will like the next season. Season 3 will have a lot of new things. You are still learning about the characters in the book Hidden Bodies. The show does not tell the same story, but it is still good to learn more about them. The only work Caroline Kepnes has done since her last release is Providence. It is a different story than the one before, but we will talk about another soon.

The showrunner has said that they have plans for season 3, but they won’t tell us what it is.

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Who will be starring in You Season 3?

In September 2020, we learned that a new character named Dante is being cast for You. He will be in the show. This is what the casting call says about him:

A veteran who was injured in combat, Dante works for the local library. He is a step-father to his partner’s two sons, and he is sarcastic and world-weary. We are looking for an actor who has lost their sight because of combat or another injury. You don’t need to be legally blind or totally blind.

Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti are joining the show for season 3. We knew this because it said it on our Netflix Queue. It also said that two new members joined in October 2020.

Shalita Grant is an actress who has been on shows like NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. She will be in season 3 of the show as Sherry. Travis VanWinkle is an actor who has played on Friday the 13th, among other TV shows. He will be in season 3 of the show as well.

Netflix Queue announced that Scott Speedman joined the cast of The Strangers. He is known for his roles in Underworld and The Strangers. Then, Variety revealed the final 13 members of season 3.

They are as follows:

  • Saffron Burrows as Love’s mother, Dottie
  • Dylan Arnold as Theo
  •  Tati Gabrielle as Marienne
  • Michaela McManus as Natalie
  • Shannon Chan-Kent as Kiki
  • Ben Mehl as Dante
  • Chris O’Shea as Andrew
  • Christopher Sean as Brandon
  • Bryan Safi as Jackson
  • Mackenzie Astin as Gil
  • AyeletZurer as Dr. Chandra
  • Jack Fisher as Young Joe Goldberg
  • Mauricio Lara as Paulie
  • Mathew Trent Hunnicutt as a teacher

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