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You Are My Spring Season 2: All Information Related To It

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What is the release date of You are My Spring Season 2?

The first episode of You Is My Spring will be released on Netflix on Monday, July 5th, 2021.

You Are My Spring has 16 episodes. New episodes will be released, one on Monday and one on Tuesday. The run time for each episode is about 70 minutes long.

The first season of the show ‘You Are My Spring’ came out on July 5, 2021, and ended on August 24, 2021. Each episode is 60 minutes long. This K-drama is about murder, but it also has romance in it. That’s why people like to watch it.

Netflix has not yet said that there will be a second season of You are My Spring. If the network does renew it, we will probably know about it at least one month before the new season starts. If you have seen what happened at the end of season 1, you know that Young-do said that Da-Jeong is the light in his life and he is happy. Because there isn’t much to experience in another season.

What can we expect from the Release Date?

Last night, the penultimate episode of “You Are My Spring” received an average rating of 1.767%. This is down from the previous episode’s rating of 2.916%. Episode 8 had a rating of 2,989%. In the past, the ratings were in the 1% range. Since then, they have only steadily gone down. When it comes to Korean series or even most shows in general, the creators of home networks will renew them only if they have good ratings.

Netflix continues to green out new shows like “Love Alarm,” “Hospital Playlist,” and “Kingdom.” Netflix has updated their version of Love Alarm because it was popular, and they call Hospital Playlist a thriller. The show had to be continued. “Kingdom” was popular because it is a show that people could watch on Netflix even if they do not speak English.

New on Netflix: July 2nd, 2021 - Wicked Horror
Source: Wicked

From now on, the second season of “You are My Spring” seems unlikely. If it is changed, the creators could tell a different story or add to the one they have with Da-Jeong and Young-do getting married. But this does not seem likely because of what we talked about before. If you loved the book “You are My Spring,” it might be disappointing to hear that it is no longer being published. However, you can always remember the experience by watching episodes of older seasons.

What is the plot of your My Spring Season 2?

Three friends who are adults still have the heart of a seven-year-old. They want to be successful in their careers and find love, but sometimes they forget that they can do this.

Kang Ja Dung grew up in a poor family. But she was very smart and finished college, so she got scholarships. She also worked hard at her first job as a hotel worker and became the manager of that hotel. This woman has a successful career, but her love life is not good because she keeps getting into relationships with terrible men, just like her mother before her.

Joo Young Doo is a doctor who is sad because his brother and one of his patients died. He wants to help other people feel better, so he keeps doing his job.

ChaeJoon knows how to work with and understand Kang Ja Dung. He is the head of an investment company.

Who will be starring in you are My Spring Season 2?

  • Kang Da Jeong
  • Seo Hyun Jin
  • Joo Young Do
  • Kim Dong Wook
  • Chae Jun
  • Yoon Park
  • Ahna Young
  • Nam GyuRi

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