Yoon Ye-Hee

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Yoon Ye-Hee is an actress from South Korea born on February 1, 1968. She liked to do acting right from an early age. It is that an actor isn’t born in a day as it is a normal process of learning and delivering better results through acting. Hence, an acting school has its importance. 


She enrolled in the “Drama” subject at Dongguk University’s Seoul Campus. She gained intricacies towards acting while honing his skills as an actress as performing schools proved to be handy in mushrooming budding personalities. She debuted in the movie “Stairway to Heaven” in 1991, and then a year later, in 1992, she got into acting mode working in “The Sub Shone Outside the Window.”


The career gave her enough reasons to register success through the subsequent years continuously, and she appeared in various movies and dramas that will permanently be etched as a beautiful phase of success. For example, her roles in the film of 2020, such as “My Dangerous Wife” and “Graceful Friends,” have been promising. She knew that she could reach a large audience by working in drama series as well. Yes, she worked in “Strong Girl Bong-Soon: in 2017 “Love in Contract” in 2022, “The Devil Judge” in 2021, and many others. She has worked in TV Movies such as Drama Special: Hair Day in 2015.


She has contributed to the industry with her different genres of films that speak for themselves in terms of the success she is currently surrounded by. Yes, she is a name that can’t be sidelined or overlooked in Korea. It is also true that the industry is in-debt to her, given how she has fulfilled and taken the level of acting to further heights. Many budding artists look up to her as an idol.

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