‘YNWA’ Sung By Paulo Dybala for Urging Star Dele Alli

Paulo Dybala, midfielder of Serie A club Juventus, has recently earned the attention of Liverpool fans. The reason for this popularity is because he was filmed singing the Reds’ anthem “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. He sang the anthem to encourage Dele Alli. Dele Alli is the midfielder of the Tottenham football team. This act of Dybala has an indication for the fans that the Argentine’s switch to the Premier League. It also has twitched the rumor for Liverpool. For playing the FIFA 20, Paulo Dybala and Dele Alli had agreed. They did it to raise money for giving to charity.

The gamer arranged this FIFA 20 clash without any Borders, where Argentine international had made a choice for playing with Liverpool. Dele Alli has decided to play with Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), who had been Ligue 1 champions. Dybala chanted, for a couple of times, “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, which made Dele burst into laughter. The two-player filled with laughter. Both of them played two games for charity. However, Dele lost in both FIFA 20 games, out to Dybala.

Wants to return back to Serie A

In March 2020, Paulo Dybala had been in headlines, for being infected with coronavirus along with his girlfriend. Juventus midfielder, Paulo Dybala, had been reported to be completely recovered from the virus. But, recently he had claimed that he is not completely fit after being recovering from the virus. In spite of being practicing and training with the entire Juventus team, he finds in himself a lack of fitness. Paulo Dybala spoke to the goal of his wish to join the team. He missed his training during the recovery period of coronavirus. He says he is looking to return back to playing football on a regular basis. He adds that playing football will be fun for the fans and also for players who agree to the fact that games should be played for short intervals of time. From June 20 Serie A has been set, in which Juventus has a lead point over, Lazio (second place).

The excitement of Dele Alli for Premier League restart

Dele Alli made a remark about the excitement of him and his entire teammates for the restart of the Premier league. The Tottenham squad had been waiting for it for a long time. He further asserted that they didn’t expect this break of competition. According to him, this season the Spurs are not performing well. He further added that his teammates are getting tough training for getting succeeded in the field and also in the watchful eyes of Jose Mourinho. Along with a credit of 41 points, on the premier League table, Spurs are placed on the eighth position.

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