XPO Logistics Or Jacobson Warehouse Company Prepares For Mass Layoff In West Jefferson, Ohio

XPO Logistics has submitted a correction and replacement for its prior WARN sent on January 15, 2020. The letter sets forth the reasons for the termination of Jacobson Warehouse Company, which is doing business as a Logistics Supply Chain. It explains that its customer, Mars Petcare, had decided to go with a different service provider.

navigating unemployment after a layoff

As a result, it will be terminating its contract with XPO. The contract termination will result in XPO ending its operation at the Mars Petcare West Jefferson, Ohio facility. That facility is located at 15 Commerce Parkway in West Jefferson, Ohio. The decision will result in the termination of employment for all employees with XPO.

Those workers are expected to be laid off on March 20, 2020. In total, it is believed that 185 workers will be impacted. While Mars Petcare continues to finalize its transition plans, XPO expects that the plans will be permanent. They will impact the operations that support Mars Petcare at the entire facility.

Mars Petcare will be transitioning to a new provider, so there may be employment opportunities with that new provider. The termination of employment will occur during the 14 days starting on March 20, 2020. A labor union does not represent these workers and will not have access to bumping rights.

The full WARN notice can be found here.

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