WWBR’s CEO of the Year – Allied Wallet and Dr Andy Khawaja recognized

WWBR’s CEO of the Year - Allied Wallet and Dr Andy Khawaja recognized

The CEO of Allied Wallet, Dr Andy Khawaja is an award-winning provider of online global payment processes. The company also deals in mobile and prepaid card services, thereby making it easier and safer for the customers to deal with online transactions right at the tip of their fingers. Dr Khawaja was recently featured as the CEO of the year on the cover of Worldwide Business Review. Dr Khawaja mentions through his conversation that he has seen a multi-million-dollar success with the organization. The best thing that he would wish for this company is that it continues to grow over the years. There is certainly no doubt in the fact that such growth could have been possible only due to the guidance and leadership of its innovative CEO, Dr Andy Khawaja. The CEO was recently featured on the cover wherein his story was entitled under an article named as, “The Man Behind the Virtual World.” Furthermore, he went on saying that he had just seen a dream and had a vision, but nothing could have been possible without the effort of his team. 

Always in an approach of improvement: Allied Wallet

Allied Wallet has always been trying to improve its services across the world, and in the process, it also takes care of the requirements of its customers and merchants. He says that it is extremely essential to provide better for his team, and he says that a good CEO will always look after the minute issues of the organization. He added on to it by mentioning that he decided to work with his staff members to make sure that they feel comfortable working with him and accepting him as a part of the team. He doesn’t allow them to feel as if he is the boss, and they are compelled to abide by him. He says that a team doesn’t make anyone greater, and thus, all the members are treated equally. The same goes for Allied Wallet as well. It is only when the CEO behaves like any other team member that the employees would turn up to him with all their doubts. Thus, workplace culture and harmony are extremely crucial. 

Dr Andy Khawaja: Always inclined to create a positive work environment

Allied Wallet is regarded as one of the best companies to work for! Definitely, the positive work environment plays a vital role in determining the success of the company. Dr Andy Khawaja says that the best thing about being a CEO is to ensure that all the works are done correctly. He has to make sure that the merchants are able to avail reliable services, so that there is no loop hole, and that would ultimately count as a success of his team, and thus, his company, and to himself as well. Allied Wallet has been making amazing reports every year, and more such will be coming the new year too!

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