Woman died due to apartment on fire: Family and friends remembering!

Last weekend, a woman died in a Silver Spring, Maryland fire. This happened in a downtown apartment building on Saturday. Family, colleagues, and friends remembered her. Melanie Diaz, 25 years old, was a loving daughter. Her colleagues said she was one of the kinds who prioritized others over herself. Her father, Cesar Diaz, said that everyone used to love her a lot. While the fire was caught, Melanie was stuck inside her 11th-floor apartment at the Arrive Silver Spring complex. She was undoubtedly an angel, and her father talked about that!

A little background on Melanie Diaz

Melanie Diaz was from South Florida and used to work at the Aspen Institute, which focused primarily on climatic scenes. She had graduated from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service. Greg Gershuny, the executive director of the Aspen Institute’s Energy and Environment program, stated that she had accomplished quite a lot in her short journey on this planet. Also, Melanie was a kind and caring soul full of thoughts for her friends and co-workers. Gershuny stated, “She checked in with each of us regularly to see how we were doing. She would go out of her way to comfort others during stressful or difficult times. We know that she will be missed by all who knew her.”

Fire sprinklers could have altered the situation.
The building in which Melanie used to reside did not have a sprinkler system. Maryland State Fire Marshall Brian S. Geraci said fire sprinklers could have changed the outcome altogether. The Statewide Fire Protection code has made it a mandate to install sprinklers in all high-rise buildings by the year 2033. Cesar said the building is still unsafe and will continue to be a threat until sprinklers are installed. Geraci revealed that the state delegate representing Montgomery County is working on a provision for raising a bill to install sprinklers.

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