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Wolf Like Me Season 2: Release date, cast , plot and other updates

Wolf Like Me is a dark comedy about Cassie, a shy, bullied high school junior. Cassie takes her issues out on the innocent townsfolk of Woodhaven as an anonymous graffiti artist. When she happens to catch Jordan’s eye and he likes what he sees, things take an even more complicated turn for our protagonist.

Cassie is not who she appears to be. She is smart and loves art, especially drawing. She is also a vegetarian, but her parents are meat-eaters. Her father has recently lost his job and her mother has been working long hours as an interior designer to pay the bills. The stress of their financial situation seems to be affecting their relationship as well. She has a younger brother named Ben who plays little league and an older sister named Jessie who moved out the previous summer.

What is the Release date of Wolf Like Me Season 2?

Wolf Like Me Release Date: May 31. 2019.
Cassie’s parents believe in action over words. They moved from New York City almost two years ago, since then, Cassie has lived with them and her brother in a small town house. The only difference between Cassie and her friends (who are mostly urban kids) is that she doesn’t call or text people back and she doesn’t really seem to have a life outside of school, art, or music.

A new art teacher at Woodhaven High steps into Cassie’s life, Jordan, who sees something different about her and encourages her to not let others tear her down.

Who is starring in Wolf Like me Season 2?

Wolf Like Me Season 2, Cast: Vivieno Caldinelli, David Zuckerman, Brenna D’Amico, Jason Nash, Paul Scheer, Christine Nangle and more. Celia Gonzalez as Cassie. Cassie’s parents believe in action over words. They moved from New York City almost two years ago, since then, Cassie has lived with them and her brother in a small town house.

Wolf Like Me Season 2, Story: The series will follow the personal and professional lives of a family of superheroes with superpowers who live in an ordinary town in Massachusetts. The series stars Mike Colter as Luke Cage/Power Man, Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard/Black Mariah, Mahershala Ali as Cottonmouth/Simone Missick as Misty Knight/Tilda Johnson and Theo Rossi as Shades/Shocker.

What is the story of Wolf Like Me Season 2?

Cassie has been dating Jordan for a few months now and has started to develop feelings for him. Things are going so well between them, that one day she decides to tell her parents about him. When her mother finds out he’s white, she flips out and forbids Cassie from seeing him, but Cassie and Jordan continue their relationship behind closed doors.

Things get complicated when Cassie gets caught sneaking around with Jordan after school—by none other than her sister Jessie. In an attempt to get out of her shell and to tell everyone the truth, she decides to draw an image of Jordan on a bathroom stall, only to find a man’s head instead of his body.

Things get even crazier when her father shows up after being fired from his job and tells Cassie and Jordan that he can help them get out of town. He takes the family to New York City in an attempt to receive high paying jobs, but this causes further conflict between the two parents. As they struggle to raise money, they are offered a job in Woodhaven, a town that only exists in their dreams.

What are people saying about Wolf Like Me Season 2?

“A hilarious watch! I highly recommend it!” -Maddie Pottavick, Full Sail University Student.
“Not only is the cast perfect, but the story is well thought out and easy to follow.” -Amber Chantelle Garcia, Westfield State University Student.
“Awesome! Fun! I really wish there was a second season!” -Brandon Wade McPherson, Massachusetts College of Art and Design Student.

“Wolf Like Me is one of the best shows to come out in the last few years. The storylines and situations are uncanny, but true to life. Just as Lil Wayne said, ‘I am not a human being,’ Cassie is not a teenage girl. It’s refreshing to not only see a show that doesn’t follow the same old cliches and stereotypes that other shows do, but also one that moves away from a typical teenage boy falling for an average girl.

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