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Without Remorse 2: What We Know About Its Release And Other Information

Without Remorse 2: The Sequel to the First Film is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated movies. Starring Without Remorse 2 release date and Remorse 2 cast, this film will be released on without remorse 2 DVD, Blu-ray, and digital download. Let us find out more about Without Remorse 2.

‘Jack Ryan’ cast and crew

The release date of Without Remorse 2:

Since there’s been no official confirmation that Without Remorse 2 is happening as of yet.

The cast of Without Remorse 2:

  • Michael B. Jordan as John Kelly / Clark
  • Jamie Bell as Robert Ritter
  • Jodie Turner-Smith as Lieutenant Commander Karen Greer
  • Lauren London as Pam Kelly
  • Brett Gelman as Victor Rykov
  • Jacob Scipio as Hatchet
  • Jack Kesy as Thunder
  • Colman Domingo as Pastor West
  • Guy Pearce as Secretary of Defense Thomas Clay
  • Todd Lasance as Dallas

The plot of Without Remorse 2:

Without Remorse 2 Should Bring Back Harrison Ford As President Jack Ryan
Source: Screen Rant.com

Without Remorse is a 1995 American thriller film based on Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse. It takes place during the war in Bosnia. It revolves around John Kelly, whom CIA officer Ed Hoffman recruited to become an undercover operative following his release from prison after serving time for murder.

Without Remorse is the story of Marine Lieutenant-Commander Karen Greer (Jodie Turner-Smith), who becomes disillusioned with her government after being assigned to extract CIA agent Ed Hoffman from an African country plagued with civil war in order for him to testify before Congress about his covert operations there.

When she learns that he’s been sending faulty intelligence reports back home, which have resulted in military failures as well as the loss of American lives, she abandons the mission because she believes it would be immoral for anyone else to die under pretenses.

The operation, which is in danger of being discovered by their enemies with fatal consequences for all concerned, must go forward at any cost, and the extraction team (including her) is ambushed a short time later.

Is Without Remorse worth watching?

Yes, without remorse is worth watching! The plotline for season one was so good. In my opinion, you cannot beat Jack Ryan as CIA Agent Nicholas Janson – he’s played by Steven Seagal.

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