Wildfire Smoke Causes Hazy Skies in Baltimore Area

According to a tweet by Collins Gannaway, a meteorologist with Vox Weather, the skies over the Baltimore area would be blue this morning if not for the wildfire smoke. The tweet, posted on September 9, 2022, stated that Ellicott City was at 60°F at 8:25 am.


The National Weather Service has issued an air quality alert for the Baltimore area due to the wildfire smoke in the western United States. The smoke has caused hazy skies and reduced visibility in many parts of the region.

According to The Baltimore Sun, the smoke is expected to linger in the area through the weekend, and residents are advised to limit their time outdoors, especially those with respiratory issues.

The wildfires in the western United States have been burning for several weeks, and the smoke has traveled across the country, affecting air quality in many states.

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