Wild Groundhog Confirmed To Have Rabies Found At The Maryland Zoo


A wild groundhog found at the Maryland Zoo has tested positive for rabies, according to state health officials.

The zoo officials confirmed that the groundhog was not part of their animal collection. It was discovered that the animal followed a visitor to the zoo on July 8. The Maryland Wilderness staff captured and performed rabies testing on the groundhog. After tests came back positive for rabies, the groundhog was euthanized.Typically rabies is transmitted through saliva infected with the rabies virus as a result of a bite. While it can be transmitted by viral contamination of mucous membranes and an open wound, the prevalence is not very common.

So far this year, 112 animals in Maryland have tested positive for the rabies virus. The animals include bats, raccoons, foxes, groundhogs and kittens.

Officials are asking anyone who came in contact with the infected groundhog between June 24 and July is asked to contact the health department.

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