Why The Smart Doorbell Has Replaced The Traditional Doorbell


Homes throughout the world are equipped with a doorbell and intercom system. These devices offer more security for your home and the surrounding premises. However, traditional doorbells will not offer the same level of security, convenience, or support as a Smart doorbell. Smart Technology is a futuristic rapidly growing trend that offers home and business owners’ peace of mind in every aspect. The Smart Doorbell is embedded with a Wi-Fi module that acts as a communication gateway from the existing Internet router to the doorbell. This feature will also allow you to control and manage the doorbell, utilizing your smartphone or tablet.

Two-Way Communication

When shopping for a new Smart doorbell, you should only consider brands with an embedded two-way communication system. This feature allows you to communicate with the visitor, without opening the door. Most Smart devices utilize mobile apps, which are embedded with a variety of features that enhance functionality. When the app is downloaded to the iOS or Android device, users will be able to carry on a two-way communication with the visitor, when at home and away.Motion Detectors

Most name brand Smart doorbells are integrated with a tiny motion sensor. This sensor will detect movement within the Wi-Fi signal range. Once the sensor is triggered, an alarm will be initiated, and an alert will be transmitted to the app-enabled device via email or text. The user will have the option of accepting the message or viewing it later.

HD Camera

Another important embedded feature is the HD camera, with night vision. This feature plays a huge role in the doorbell’s functionality and the home’s existing security system. When the visitor enters the camera view and Wi-Fi range, the motion sensor will be triggered, and then a notification, with an event clip attachment, will be transmitted to the app-enabled device. If the user accepts the message, they will be able to view the clip and access a live-stream video. The message, clip, and live-stream 720p video can be viewed at a later date.


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