Why Good Nutrition Is So Important For Children


Healthy foods should not be limited to the rich economic class. Instead, it should be available to all children living in Maryland and worldwide. Poverty and hunger is something that should be looked at as a global issue and it should be approached in unity, with a worldwide campaign to end it.

Of course, it is much easier said than done, but there are currently several non-profit organizations that are working in unison to combat the global hunger crisis in developing countries. According to the American Community Survey statistics released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rates (2010-2014) ranged from 1% to 53%. There were 119 counties that had the highest poverty rate, with 93 of these being located in the southern states.

In 2014, there were 15.5 million American children under the age of 18 living below the poverty line, with 30.6% of these living in homes headed by single female caretakers. Today, there are a network of food banks set up throughout the United States. These organizations provide food assistance to poverty stricken families. It was reported that the Feeding America nonprofit alone, provided food assistance to over 9 million children annually.

Adequate nutrition is essential to a child’s health, mental and emotional well-being, intellectual, growth, and development. Inadequate nutrition will leave its devastating effect on children, leading to the development of poor academic performance, problem solving difficulties, poor memory, dehydration, poor bone and heart health, eating disorders, delayed puberty, short stature, and nutrient deficiencies.

Living on a fixed income means that parents need to get creative in meal preparation. Unfortunately, you are going to be forced to work with what you have in front of you, but as the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. Contrary to believe, eating healthy does not cost a fortune. There are many budget-friendly recipes available to any parent that has the desire to prepare a homemade meal and snack.

If you own a food dehydrator, you can create an unlimited array of homemade baby foods and snacks for your children. You can create affordable, nutritional snacks and foods for your children, by taking advantage of our Homemade Baby Food Recipe e-book. You can view and download this free PDF by clicking here.

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