Why did Goreng get off the platform?

Why did Goreng get off the platform?

The Platform which is one of the science fiction thriller concepts that has got the best visuals from the director called Galder Gaztelu – Urrutia. It originally premiered at the Toronto film festival during the year 2019. The complete concept of real life and the pandemic situation were totally combined in this movie. 

The movie completely gives the better thought about isolation where the starvation and the scarcity were completely held. It was totally taken as the distribution of the movie was completely focused on science fiction movies. It gives deep thought to people about the movie. (The Platform 2 Release Date: What You Should Know)

Was the child Real on the platform?

The movie basically gets the enough things that are ranged on the sources where the child character is real or unreal. It tells about the inequality that is inclined on to get the society on struggling towards fitting into the conclusion. 

To reach out the story that is totally mentioned on a solution it was accessed on the perfect things to consider the story to figure it out. It gets the unreachable on the specific things that range from the tower to make the level of powerful moments. (Will there be a platform 2?)

Why did Goreng volunteer?

According to the story, Goreng compares himself to a snail and his character represents a snail in the movie. It was sad to see the protagonist volunteering for his favourite good which was compared to his life in the movie. It was totally categorized on some specific things to indicate the life of being emotional where the sources are distracted in getting the favourite act in the movie. 

The basic levels that have been considered on sudden changes which were mostly processed on surviving to make the best understanding things.  It was made on privileges to get on the structure of the basic things. 

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