What’s The Best eCommerce SEO Company For Link Building?

Best eCommerce SEO

Link building is usually associated with black hat SEO tactics like old link farms and the infamous Private Blog Networks. Indeed, the best eCommerce SEO Agency today try to distance themselves from any practice that would lead anyone to think they might be trafficking in links.


However, link building remains one of the most effective ways to increase a website’s authority in the eyes of Google. Any SEO campaign is incomplete without a solid link-building strategy in place. So, why is this important piece of the SEO puzzle frowned upon?


To find out, we need to go back to the origins of search engine optimization. Back in the day, search engines helped people find relevant websites depending on the keywords they used in their queries. After you introduced a query, search engines would then produce a list of pages that contained the keywords used. The more a keyword appeared on a page, the more possibilities there were for it to be at the top of search results.


This was a clever idea and it worked for a while. However, a lot of marketers soon realized that all they had to do to be on top of searches was to stuff their pages with keywords. Soon, searches were flooded with useless results full of nonsensical gibberish.


Two nerd kids called Larry Page and Sergey Brin imagined a search engine that would instead measure the relevance of a page by the number of links that pointed to it. This was called PageRank and was the beginning of Google.


They also launched an Internet Explorer toolbar that measured a website’s PageRank in real-time. Marketers soon were offering link packages to flood websites with backlinks from private blog networks, link farms, and other forms of spamdexing to manipulate PageRank scores.


Of course, Google responded by hiding their PageRank score and worked hard to modify their algorithm towards a more user-intent-centered approach. However, PageRank is still relevant today.


Google still measures a page´s relevance using PageRank. However, it is only one of the hundreds of factors that affect search results. They also take into account technical SEO factors such as page speed, URL structure, sitemaps, responsiveness. Other on-page factors include relevant content, optimized images, and metadata.


Link Building strategies now are more directed towards content building and social media presence. Building engaging and shareable content is now the best way to make sure other websites link to your content and feel compelled to share your products and services with their audiences.


Social media campaigns also leverage your content and branding to increase shareability among your target audience, thus drastically increasing your chances of attracting even more links.


When looking for the best eCommerce SEO company for link building, you have to be certain you find professionals who focus more on giving search engines and users what they want in terms of content. Get organic, sustainable results in the long run, both in terms of relevant content and link building.


The experts at 1Digital Agency can help you create a high-quality copy with relevant and up-to-date information to help you position your content and brand as an authority in your niche. That is the best way to indicate to Google and other search engines that your website contains the information and products their users are looking for, and generate enough link power to increase both your PageRank and market share.


The results of the search for the best eCommerce SEO company will depend on your needs. Contact 1Digital Agency today and partner up with an expert eCommerce agency with proven results around the world.


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