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What NFL Stats Matter For Fantasy Football?

When it comes to fantasy sports, the National Football League is easily the sport that attracts the most attention. Fantasy football is the most popular among the long list of fantasy sports options, but other sports have started to catch up as well.

When it comes to fantasy sports, there are certain NFL stats that are going to matter more than others. These are the stats that you need to be watching for when you are checking out the NFL action on the field. 

If you are wanting to dominate your fantasy football league then you want to draft players that are going to excel in these categories.


The most important stat when it comes to fantasy football is touchdowns. When you are looking to draft players, you should always be focused on the players that find their way into the end zone with regularity. 

Quarterbacks don’t usually actually do the scoring, but they are still going to get points for all of the touchdown passes that they throw. Watching your quarterback throw for a huge number of years is helpful at times, but it’s more important to see them throw some touchdown passes. 

Touchdowns are usually the main focus for anyone when looking at NFL stats, and that is the number that really plays in fantasy football. If you are able to draft a player that leads the league in touchdowns then you are going to give yourself a great chance at winning your league. 

Plenty of Touches

Beyond scoring touchdowns, the next most important stat is how many touches each player is able to get. Some leagues give points every time a player rushes the football or makes a reception and those points can add up in a hurry. 

If the league you are playing in has a flex position then it would be smart to put a running back in that slot. Running backs always tend to get more opportunities than a receiver, even if that receiver is the best in the league. 

Dual Threats

Another thing you should be looking at when drafting a roster is selecting as many dual-threat players as possible. You are going to want running backs that can catch the football, and quarterbacks that can take off and run.

Most of the time, you aren’t going to get many points when they make a catch or run, but the points can really rack up if they are able to find the end zone  Having multiple dual-threat options on your roster is going to have a big impact on how you perform in your league. 

Kickers Can Change a Matchup

When it comes to fantasy football, there is one position that might actually be more important than all of the others. Kickers have a tendency to make the difference in many fantasy football matchups, even though that’s not a position that most players focus on. 

The best place kickers when it comes to fantasy football are those that can make kicks from a long distance. Most leagues will award extra points for longer distances, and those kickers can really change a matchup in a hurry. 

Healthy Players Equal Wins

If you have some big dreams of winning your fantasy football league then you are going to need to keep your best players healthy. Injuries can completely ruin your chances to win in fantasy football, especially if your top player fails to make it through the regular season.

You can study the NFL stats all you want, but it’s really going to come down to keeping your players healthy and having some luck. There are stats available for which players get injured the most, but it can change from year to year. 

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