What New Laws for DC, Maryland and Virginia imply in Jan 1, 2023? Let’s check it out

New Year has finally arrived. So how just new laws affect healthcare, money etc? Let’s find out the same for D.C, Virginia and Maryland.

New Laws for Washington, DC

Minimum wage

It is set to increase to $17 from $16.50 for non-tipped workers.

Pay increase

It would now be at par with other workers for tipped workers imparting their services at restaurants or salons etc. It will increase from $5.35 to $6. It is expected to go upto $16 hourly by 2027

Ii is set to increase upto 12 weeks annually from four weeks including paid personal medical leave etc.

Medical foods coverage

Coverage of foods that are deemed important on medical grounds suited for various diseases

Entertaining calls for complaints

The dockless vehicle companies will be bound by law to display information for their vehicles, regarding the proper mechanism of reporting their illegally parked vehicles. Any wrong parking such as that of dockless e-bikers or scooters can be complained by dialing 311 in the district. The response will be fast within two hours as the complainant can track the operations on receiving the complaint number.

New Laws in Virginia

Minimum Wage

For the employees imparting their services in the common wealth, the amount will go to $12 hourly from $11. However, there will be certain exceptions in the form of farm laborers or employees, baby sitters who are giving their services for less than 10 hours weekly. Similarly, commission based salesman or employees dealing with summer camps are untouched.

Reduction in the Grocery Tax to 1%

The New Year will bring an additionally happy news for shoppers who consumes groceries that are meant for home consumption including hygiene centric personal items like period and diaper products. It will give peace of mind with the reduction to 1% from 2.5%.

Plastic Bag Taxes

Certain areas in the form of Albemarle Country including few others will bind the retailers to charge 5 cents as taxes on those consumers who use disposable plastic bags.

Candidates fate will now be based on the ranking factor

Now, with the approaching June 2023 primaries, voters have an interesting selection method with respect to Arlington County Board candidates. Yes, they can now chose their preferred candidates according to their level of preference in terms of being top most choice or good or average. When a specific candidate manages half voting in any election, then they automatically register as the winner. However, if there is no majority or clarity and demarcation, there is a “runoff”, that determines the winner.

New Laws in Maryland

Minimum Wage

Maryland will set an increase in minimum wage as well from $12.50 to $13.25 hourly. The New Year is already bringing smiles and happiness for the families who can now get a sense of certain gift.  It has also marked minimum cash-wage amount for tipped employees at $3.63 an hour. It is based on the criteria that the amount including the tip should be at par with the minimum wage rate already set.

Dental Care for Adults

Are you an adult with equal or low annual income to 133% of Federal poverty level? If yes, then the Maryland Medical Assistance Program is pleased to be at your service while providing diagnostic, preventive or utmost suitable care in dental services.

Insulin Cost Reduction

The New Law for insurers including health service planners etc will limit the amount that they (covered person) are entitled to pay. So, what’s the amount? This basically means, for the covered prescription insulin drug to $30 or if possible even less for a 30 day supply.

HIV Prevention Drugs

Many non-profit organizations are debarred from getting prior authorization requirement with respects to certain drugs that are meant for HIV prevention.

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