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What is Search Engine Optimization & Why Is It Important?

Advertising has changed dramatically since the beginning of the internet, and SEO is one of the largest stars it offers.  Not only does using SEO give you the chance to find more customers, but you also have the opportunity to boost your company’s trust and reliability in the eyes of anyone online.

This is a rundown of what SEO is and why it matters so much.

What SEO Is

Search engine optimization is a type of advertising that helps make your website and company more visible and drives traffic to purchase or support it.  This is done in many different ways, from link building to keyword use, and should be heavily studied before your company attempts it on its own.  If a search engine like Google pings your SEO results as untrustworthy, it will push your company lower on the search results, which could take years to recover from.

Why It Matters

Working with any good SEO marketing agency gives your company the opportunity to find more leads and have a higher likelihood of converting them into good customers and purchases.  Any company needs its customers so that it can function, so taking the time to advertise in a way that works to connect you to them is important.  Instead of shoving ads in their face constantly, SEO allows you to lead the customers to you- giving them the illusion of choice in this interaction.

How You Accomplish It

SEO can be accomplished in many different ways.  The main forms are technical SEO, content, on-site SEO, and off-site SEO.  This can range from link building in articles so that your company is seen as a trustworthy source to optimizing your company’s HTML and content so that it looks more trustworthy and clickable.  You’ll still need to focus on interactions with customers and building trustworthiness through your product, but good SEO work can save you a lot of trouble.  

Can You Succeed Without It?

There are some cases where companies succeed without SEO, but these are usually pre-established companies or businesses that have unique products that instantly become viral based on luck alone.  The average company has to work to build links, build a reputation, and create a connection in a more organic way: which can take years.  SEO cuts down the time it takes to push your company to the top of search results and gives you the chance to save money on advertising in the long run.

What Would Make It Fail

The only way you can make your SEO fail is if you do it poorly.  This could mean link spamming in noninformative ways and posting low-quality content, or it could mean making your company untrustworthy: which will make your company tank in the search results.  Careful planning and working with a company that has a good history of getting fantastic results for its customers is the best way to ensure success.

Every Company Has Promise

Whether you’re starting your first company and want to give it the best chance at success, or this is an older venture that needs new life: SEO could be the answer to your questions.  Make sure to attempt this in an intelligent way, and you’ll succeed in no time!

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