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What is an electric fence? How can it help to keep livestock?

Animal protection and safety are important but various factors are making it difficult. Also, there are various fencing systems for animal management that ensure livestock confinement and  protection.

What is an electric fence?

An electric fence is an electric barrier that encloses an area that contains livestock. The electric fence contains electric current passing through it and it causes shock when an animal touches it. 

Several types of wires are used for electric fences and the most commonly used fencing wires are poly wire and poly tape. They are easy to install and don’t require much equipment for setup. Other than wires fencing requires reels, posts, energizers, and insulators. 

What is a fencing contractor?

Installation of fencing can be difficult or easy but only a fencing contractor knows how to do it properly. The fencing companies or contractors do not install the fence but provide many other services like repair or maintenance. Finding the right fencing company that has the latest industry knowledge and experience is important. They should provide you with the best services and know which materials and designs of the fence are suitable for the job. For the best electric fence and animal management system, you can check Fence Fast of Canada

How does an electric fence work?

The electric fence consists of an energizer that has two terminals. These are the earth terminal and power terminal. The fence is connected to the power terminal and the area is insulated by conductors while earth or ground is connected to the earth terminal this leaves an open electric circuit. 

When an animal touches the electric fence the current flows in a way that it flows through the animal to the ground and the energizer. The animal links the fence terminal and ground terminal by touching both the live fence and ground that closed the electric circuit. And as a result of this current flow the animal experiences an electric shock. 

What happens when an animal touches it?

The current from an energizer is different from the current that comes from the main power supply as it has a grabbing effect that gives you continuous current. This is extremely dangerous and if the person sticks to it for some time then it can cause death. But when an animal touches an energizer or grabs it then that animal will experience muscle contraction. Unlike the main supply current, this current doesn’t have a grabbing effect and the electric circuit is closed. The animal would develop an unpleasant feeling and will not try touching it in the future. 

Is an electric fence dangerous?

Electric fence is not dangerous, it just gives a shock for an instant. It is not dangerous because of the following two main reasons:

  • Low amperes
  • Pulsating current 

Even though the current doesn’t come from the main source yet it can provide huge current to anyone who touches it. But the thing is the voltage doesn’t matter until the current is high. Current is usually 5 milliamperes that cause a slight shock. Also, the current is pulsating so that when an animal touches it there is no grabbing effect and the animal can retreat from the source. So, using an electric fence is safe. 


For animal management systems, fencing is an important and necessary element. This aims to keep the livestock safe and protected. Various contractors know everything about fencing and how to make things efficient and productive. The process of installation and the system of the electric fencing should be friendly also, the way it is installed and the design of the fencing is important and should be selected carefully. 

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