What Falls on 4th July?

The Fourth of July is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the country’s independence from Great Britain. It is celebrated on July 4 yearly, marked by parades, fireworks displays, and other patriotic events. But what exactly falls on the Fourth of July, and why is it such an important holiday? Here’s what you need to know.

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence, which declared that the thirteen American colonies were no longer subject to British rule. Thomas Jefferson drafted the document outlining the colonists’ grievances against the British government and their vision for a new, independent nation.

The adoption of the Declaration of Independence was a significant moment in American history, and it marked the beginning of a long and arduous struggle for independence. The American Revolution, which had been raging for over a year, would continue for several more years and claim the lives of thousands of Americans and British soldiers.

Despite the challenges, however, the American colonists were determined to achieve their independence and ultimately succeeded. On September 3, 1783, the Treaty of Paris officially recognized the United States as a sovereign nation.

Today, the Fourth of July is celebrated as a national holiday marked by various events and activities. Many communities hold parades, fireworks displays, and other patriotic events to commemorate the country’s independence. Families and friends often gather for picnics, barbecues, and other outdoor activities, and many people take the opportunity to reflect on the meaning and significance of the holiday.

While the Fourth of July is primarily a celebration of the country’s independence, it is also a reminder of the sacrifices made to achieve it. It is a time to honor the men and women who fought for freedom and democracy and renew our commitment to the values they fought to defend.

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