What does Miharu represent on the platform?

What does Miharu represent on the platform?

This woman is basically a mentally affected woman who is struggling to get into the murders that took place. It claims to be a sense in which she has been in the hole for about ten months. She follows her daughter to get the information that speaking up to her is the truth. 

‘the platform’ sequel’s social commentary

It was said to get the reunited relationship that is mainly accessed by searching, hunting, and mostly following her daughter. At the initial point, it does not seem to point out here as it was totally made on self-protecting mother.

What is the lesson of the platform?

This movie is basically hard to explain and is said to be about open-minded theories as well. It was about closure to get the wounds on saving the fades on various levels. The things that take place are carried on to access the mission to attack the assassination on performing the administration on various sectors. (The Platform 2 Release Date: What You Should Know)

It entirely focused on some systems that were about to take over the mission where the uncanny level did not work out well. It maintains the things by opening up to the theories to get better results. (Why did Goreng get off the platform?)

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