Wayne Rooney Draws Contrast

Wayne Rooney Draws Contrast Between Cristiano Ronaldo And Mohamed Salah, Fans Not Happy

Man United’s all-time leading goal scorer Wayne Rooney lately told how Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah has got along to reproduce the bump Cristiano Ronaldo once had at Old Trafford. A good number of Man United followers were not happy with the recent contrasts created by Derby County captain Wayne Rooney because of the extended successful outcome of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner. Mohamed Salah’s meteoric stand at Anfield over the last three years has seen the Egyptian seek the behind of the net regularly. But Man United followers were fast to differ with the Cristiano Ronaldo contrasts done by Wayne Rooney.

Wayne Rooney makes a comparison between Mohamed Salah with Cristiano Ronaldo

At the time of writing on his vertical for the Times, Wayne Rooney contrasted Liverpool talisman Mohamed Salah with his erstwhile Man United colleague Cristiano Ronaldo in regards to having an alike attacking ultimatum. Rooney has written that Mohamed Salah reminds him of Cristiano Ronaldo at Man United and he doesn’t really help in shielding but always a menace on the counterattack. The thirty-four years old also wrote that the deficiency of tracking behind permits Mo Salah to be a menace for opponent defenders when Liverpool smash in numbers and Cristiano Ronaldo had a homogeneous part at Old Trafford.

Fans not happy with Wayne Rooney comparisons

In 5 seasons at Man United, Cristiano Ronaldo secured eighty-four goals in 196 league emergencies, earning the Premier League Championship thrice. The Portuguese winger achieved a then-record move to Real Madrid in 2010 for a known £80 million (€94 million). Mohamed Salah has secured seventy-two goals in 113 emergencies for Liverpool. This time the twenty-eight years old forward has been inherent in guiding the top Jurgen Klopp’s side on the verge of obtaining their first English top-flight title in thirty years, making sixteen goals in the Premier League. Though several Man United followers have different opinions to those of Wayne Rooney. 

On Twitter, Wayne Rooney got a slight sticking from United fans as one of them wrote that he doesn’t have any good football opinions just because he is a footballer. A second fan wrote that Salah should never be brought up in the same line with the greatest player to ever kick a football. A third fan also said that Salah is a world-class player but he can’t be compared to Cristiano Ronaldo.

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