Warrior Nun Season 2

Warrior Nun Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

The warrior nun is back! Season 2 of the smash-hit anime series will be released somewhere around 2022. We’ll tell you everything there is to know about warrior nun season 2 and warrior nuns in general to celebrate this release date. Read on for more information!

The release date of Warrior Nun Season 2:

There is a chance if they start things up in regards to production at some point this year that a premiere date could happen in 2022 or 2023, but that is just speculation at this time.

The cast of Warrior Nun Season 2:

  • Alba Baptista as Ava Silva.
  • Toya Turner as Sister Mary – Shotgun Mary.
  • Thekla Reuten as Jillian Salvius.
  • Lorena Andrea as Sister Lilith.
  • Kristina Tonteri-Young as Sister Beatrice.
  • Tristan Ulloa as Father Vincent.
  • Olivia Delcan as Sister Camila.
  • Joaquim de Almeida as Cardinal Francisco Duretti.

What to expect from Warrior Nun season 2

The climactic end to the first season of Warrior Nun left fans drooling for more action. The Order of the Cruciform Sword’s true purpose was revealed, being nothing more than puppets for Adriel against the forces of Heaven. His true identity was revealed by Ava after he touches her.

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The original knights of the order mistook him for an angel after he successfully killed a Tarask monster that followed him out of a demonic portal. Hiding himself away in the tombs of the Vatican, Adriel had hidden the halo inside the original Warrior Nun, and by creating the Order, gave him protection from Heaven.

The Plot of Warrior Nun Season 2?

The story follows a young orphan named Ava, who wakes up in a morgue and soon discovers she’s been imbued with ancient abilities via an artifact embedded in her back.

She is now part of the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword, a group of warrior nuns. The group is tasked to protect the world from demonic forces.

By the end of season 1, Ava finally accepts her sisters in arms (and vice-versa), but not before an evil angel-like figure named Adriel (William Miller) returns to wreak havoc.

The ending sets up a new fight for Ava, to protect the halo from being recaptured by Adriel. In addition to this, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Such as where exactly the portal that Jillian Salvius’ son went through leads, and whether Heaven and Hell are really spiritual realms or, as Jillian theorizes, merely different dimensions.

Is it worth watching?

Yes, warrior nun season 2 is worth watching for the sake of discovering how it all ends. You can judge this show by its first episode alone and not get very far into the story before realizing that warrior nuns are an intense ride.

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