Walt Disney’s Jungle Cruise Movie Set for A Sequel 

jungle cruise 2
Source: The Hollywood Reporter.com

Walt Disney’s Jungle Cruise movie is getting a sequel! The first film, which was released this past July, quickly became one of the highest-grossing films of all time. It is no surprise that the studio has greenlit a second installment.

It was an American film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra. The screenplay was written by Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, and Michael Green based on Walt Disney’s eponymous theme park attraction, which is still going strong at many of the parks around the world. 

What was the StoryLine of Movie?

It covers fantasies and adventures of a captain of a small riverboat, a boatman named Frank played by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a man who hadn’t left the Amazon River since the 1500s, in London in the 1920s and his various passengers.

The captain takes a scientist and her brother through a jungle in search of the Tree of Life. The movie gets thrilling and fun when the boat crashes into a tropical river and is stuck in an endless loop.

It’s just one of our favorite rides at Disney theme parks, well-known for its originality and authenticity; it will be thrilling to see what they do with the sequel of this movie!

Reviews of the Movie

The audience response on IMDb was mixed, but it received a generally positive reception from critics and audiences. The audience seems excited for the sequel!

The movie grossed millions from the box office in the first month since it was released. The movie has a great cast and received great reviews from critics.

Sequel and What We Know So Far!

The sequel has been confirmed by the film studio. In addition, it has been revealed that Emily Blunt will be returning to play her character along with Dwayne. They have yet to announce a release date for the sequel, but we can expect more news very soon!

New information about the second installment is expected to come out this year and hopefully. The sequel might be premier in the next year, 2022.

Jungle Cruise 2 might have a new story with a new route. Plot twists are also possible. Aguirre might return for revenge from Frank, Lily, and MacGregor in the first movie.

Jungle Cruise Will Soon Have a Sequel; Under Development from Disney - The  Teal Mango
Source: The Teal Mango.com

Do We Have Any Release Dates?

All we know for sure is that it will be released in 2022. The studio has yet to confirm anything, but we are expecting more news this year. We might get a release date or even an official title!

Dwayne and Blunt are working on the sequel already. They will begin shooting around late 2021/early 2022. We can expect spoilers from the media pages of the two stars.

Will the Cast Return?

The cast is returning for the Jungle Cruise sequel. The two stars are also expected to be in the movie as well, Dwayne Johnson playing Frank and Emily Blunt playing Lily Hidalgo. We can expect Karl Urban back as MacGregor along with Jack Whitehall.

The sequel looks promising after the past success of the Jungle Cruise film. The movie has been a huge box office hit and even earned good reviews from critics and audience members alike.

Disney’s next step is to make a sequel for the film made this year that has become one of their most successful live-action films ever!

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