Walker Season 2 Episode 7: Where do we go from here!

Walker is back for season 2 in Episode 7. Walker has to deal with the aftermath of a shootout in his old neighborhood that he was involved in when he was younger. Walker must come to terms with who he used to be and who he wants to be now. Walker’s journey takes him all over Los Angeles, from his family home back in Chicago, where Walker learns important lessons about fatherhood, through New Orleans where Walker is faced with dangerous decisions on both sides of the law before finally ending up back at home.

Walker has to make a difficult decision that could affect Walker and other people in Walker’s life. The season ends with Walker being thrown into another dangerous situation, one which will put Walker on the run again.

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Who are the characters in Walker season 2 Episode 7?

Walker, Trivette, Gage, Alex, and C.D. all return for Walker season two episode seven. There are also a few new characters in this episode that you will want to keep an eye out for! Walker season two Walker Texas Ranger Episode seven is entitled “The Confession”. Walker and his team have to stop a mad bomber who has taken the lives of several people. Walker goes undercover as a prisoner in order to get closer to the man responsible for all these crimes. Walker ends up getting hurt, but he still manages to complete his mission!

My favourite part about Walker Texas Ranger season two episode seven is when Alex gets kidnapped because I didn’t expect it at all! The characters are also great fun.

What is the plot of Walker season 2 episode 7?

The plot of Walker season two episode seven is that Walker and his team are investigating a murder that took place on an Indian reservation. As they investigate, they soon realize that there may be more to this case than meets the eye! Walker season two episode seven is comparable to other episodes in the series because it has all of the elements that make Walker so great: action, suspense, and drama. If you are a fan of Walker, then you will not want to miss this episode!

The episode starts with Walker and Trivette undercover at a casino. While there they run into an old friend of Walker’s who is now a part of the mob. Things quickly go south and Walker has to take him down. Afterwards Walker is tasked with protecting a witness who is set to testify against the mob boss. However, things don’t go as planned and Walker finds himself on the run again with the witness.

What are some reviews on Walker Season 2 Episode 7?

Walker Season Two Episode Seven is another great action-packed episode that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Walker has always been known for its fast-paced and exciting episodes, as well as Walker’s bad boy attitude.

In this season what do we learn about Walker?

We find out more about his past with a woman named Linda who was engaged to him at one point in time. When she finds out he still carries a picture around of her from when they were together she asks if there is any chance they might get back together someday and Walker says no without giving it much thought because of how important his job is to him right now…

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