Vue vs. React — Which One To Choose in 2021?

Choosing from these two JS frameworks is an eternal question nowadays. They both would be a good choice since there are a lot of similarities between them, however, there also are some crucial differences we will talk about in this article. We’ve tried our best to be as objective and fair as it’s possible. Hope you’ll find our blog helpful. 

What’s React?

React is a Java-Script library, which was created in 2011 for Facebook, even at that time this project had the makings of a great one. However, it was published later in 2013. Though it’s been a long time, React keeps its positions in a top-3 framework list. React is intended to ease the development process with its own one-way data binding method. 

This tool is popular among many huge corporations like Facebook, for instance. 

What’s Vue?

It was created a bit later, in 2014 by a Google ex-worker. One of the biggest differences that distinguish Vue from other frameworks is that it was developed by a single person, which you cannot tell about other tools, that have a full set of developers, and so on. There are two things we have to mention about Vue. The first one is its variability. Basically, you can use it as a simple library or a complex framework tool, or something in between. Another feature is its ability to create complex and multifunctional applications. This framework is also used by giant companies, for example, Zoom. 

What do they have in common?

According to the fact that these two brands are both framework tools, they obviously provide similar services and options. Here are some similarities they have:

  • Integrate with every existing software or application
  • Assist developers in beginning rapidly
  • They’re both fast, flexible, easy-to-use, and customizable 
  • The number of users in the community who will help you to solve the problems and answer your questions
  • Provide a diverse set of data and services
  • The same level of performance (however, in some cases Vue is much more superior)

Main differences

Despite the fact that there are lots of similarities, there still are many differences between these two fws. Let’s have a brief look on them:


React has a bigger community compared to Vue’s one. This might be an important part when choosing a fw platform. However, you have to remember that React was launched slightly earlier than Vue, as well as it was sponsored and promoted by Facebook. Vue, in turn, had no sponsors and was developed by a single person. Despite the big popularity of React with its Facebook sponsorship, Vue is gaining more and more popularity nowadays.


Vue is a master of documentation, it’s a calling card of the company. It has a wide description list available in a number of languages on its website. At the same time, React’s documentation is worse, you will not find answers for many of your questions here. Referring to the previous difference, this is one of the reasons why React has a bigger community. 

Application structure

React and Vue was developed for similar, but not the same tasks. You should choose Vue in case you want to:

Increase the functionality of an existing software

Create a groundbreaking application

Have access to various tools as well as keep in touch with the fw developers 

You should think of using React if:

Combine different programming languages

Create a complex application 

Have access to various tools

Start up a media platform

The popularity of React and Vue 

New frameworks are being created all the time today. They take mistakes of the previous ones into account, making themselves develop and upgrade. This is why it might be hard to decide on what framework is better. Numbers rule our world, don’t they? We have prepared a diagram which shows the popularity of these two frameworks among the development companies.

As you can see, they obviously both have been growing throughout the years, however, Vue has outrun its opponent in 2018. You can draw conclusions now. 

Where can I hire a Vue js developer for my project?

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