Virginia Man Convicted On Bankruptcy And Tax Fraud Charges


Acting U.S. Attorney Rick A. Mountcastle announced Wednesday a Christiansburg man was convicted on two counts of concealment of property in a bankruptcy proceeding, two counts of making a false declaration in a bankruptcy proceeding and three counts of false testimony in a bankruptcy proceeding.

Fifty-five-year-old Regan Dwayne Reedy, aka “Wegani Diwaini Klandag Anisahoni,” was filed several fraudulent tax returns for people, all of which claimed refunds as part of a “1099-OID scheme.”

PrisonAccording to the news release, the returns claimed federal withholding that resulted in large claims for refunds. While most of the illegal tax returns were detected prior to the issuance of the refunds, one particular refund was issued in the amount of $156,191.

Reedy filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 2012 and 2014, omitting and concealing assets. He also supported the assets at a creditor’s meeting.

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