‘Virgin River’ Filming Locations Decoded; Canada Masquerades As The Remote California Town

‘Virgin River’ Filming Locations Decoded; Canada Masquerades As The Remote California Town

The Netflix series “Virgin River” has finally decoded the actual location of the shots. Firstly the location seems to be in the US but recently someone revealed the actual place that is Canada. Although, Netflix revealed the plans for season 2, read it on.

One of the most amazing stories the Virgin River is completely based on the novel Robyn Carr’s. If we talk about the series, Mel Monroe who disguised as a widowed in the show left behind many memories related to the old place to move to a new place. Although she applied for a job of nurse and midwife in a remote town in California and met with Jack Sheridan. As soon as she released that this town is not good as she thinks of it.

In the series there are many shots that are fictional and are shown to be from California but this is very surprising for the fans that all the shots are of Canada not even the United States. Moreover, for your more knowledge the list is given below of the location of the Virgin River.

Snug Cove: Location of Virgin River shots

The most amazing place with a beautiful river makes the most of the shots from Snug Cove, Vancouver. The surroundings behind the scene in the drama are around the lakes and rivers in Snug Cove. The architecture also made it perfect and beautiful scenes behind the camera for the show.

Murdo Frazer Park: Location of Virgin River shots

In the show, Mel lives in the house located in the Murdo Frazer Park, Vancouver. The cottage or cabin is one of the parts of the wood trails and golf field. This cabin is very famous and perfect for the show that means it is also used in the series The Flash and Once Upon a Time. This place is often very busy because of the tourists.

Brackendale, Squamish: Location of Virgin River shots

Mostly you see the bar where the main character hangs out. In the show, the bar is named after Jack’s bar. That bar is situated in the Brackendale in Squamish, a little north towards Vancouver. The actual name of the bar is The Watershed Grill, which is also viewed from the Squamish River. The outside area of the bar is shot here and the inside area is in the studio. The place is also famous for tourists.

Final Verdict

The fans of the Virgin River were very excited to hear the news of the upcoming season 2 of it. Recently Netflix has confirmed season 2 of Virgin River and it can come at Christmas. But there is no official date announced for the relating date. Moreover, season 1 of Virgin River is encountered by fans in December 2019. The show has earned lots of liking from the fans. That is the reason season 2 is on the door to come for the fans.

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