Video Supposedly filmed at Baltimore High School Being Investigated By Police Child Abuse Unit


A video has surfaced that supposedly shows a several individuals having sex at the Digital Harbor High School in Baltimore, police said. An investigation was initiated by the Baltimore Police Department after a teacher at the school reported potential child pornography on May 26.

According to the teacher, the video was “produced by students who attend the school.” The incident report says the video has been viewed hundreds of times, since it was posted to Facebook.

Digital Harbor High SchoolThe principal at Digital Harbor High School, Shannon Mobley, sent out a letter, to parents alerting them of the video. “Cell phone video with sensitive footage of Digital Harbor students” had been shared and viewed, Mobley wrote.

Mobley wrote, “The student did not know that he or she was being filmed and certainly did not given permission to share the video.”

Parents were also urged by Mobley to remind their children that everything posted online is there forever. She also warned that mobile phones could be utilized to “hurt others and even commit serious crimes.”

“It’s just problematic to watch something that you don’t have permission to see as it is to share something that you don’t have permission to share,” Mobley wrote in the letter, which was dated June 7.

A joint investigation by the Baltimore police and the Digital Harbor administration is ongoing.

Executive director of the Baltimore Child Abuse Center, Adam Rosenberg, told The Baltimore sun that he’s seen an increase in similar incidents at other schools.

“Kids shouldn’t be having sex in school,” Rosenberg said. “It’s ridiculous that I have to say this.”

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