Victim Of Baltimore Police Officer Vincent Cosom Dies While Awaiting Cash Settlement


In May of 2015, a Baltimore Police Officer was captured on surveillance footage assaulting a man at a North Avenue bus stop. That officer, Vincent E. Cosom, pleaded guilty to assault and was sentenced to six months in jail. Subsequently, the victim, Kollin Truss, filed a civil suit against the city. A settlement was recently reached.

Unfortunately for Truss, he will never see the cash settlement. This week, his attorney Tony Garcia announced that the 35-year-old victim had passed away last month. Truss was at home with his girlfriend at the time of his passing. At this point in time, the cause of death remains unknown.However, Garcia admitted that Truss was “definitely looking forward” to improving his live and that of his kids with the settlement money. While Garcia did not provide an exact settlement amount, he did confirm that it should head to the Board of Estimates soon.

Now that Truss has passed away, the money will be given to his estate and used for the benefits of his children. Garcia went on to detail Truss’ tumultuous lifestyle, which involved substance abuse. Truss was also unable to hold down a permanent job, but often took odd jobs around the city.

Garcia claims that Truss intended to use the settlement to gain stability and move away from Baltimore. In April of 2015, Truss was arrested during the Freddy Gray protests. He pleaded guilty for disorderly conducted for hurling curse words at the police and blocking a fire truck.

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