Vermont Man Accused Of Sending Threats To South Burlington High School Faculty, Students Pleads Guilty


Acting U.S. Attorney Eugenia A. P. Cowles announced Friday a Vermont man admitted to sending threats to students and staff at South Burlington High School.

Nineteen-year-old Josiah Leach sent multiple threats to faculty and students at South Burlington High School between April 18 and April 21. The threats forced officials to lockdown and close all school in South Burlington one day prior to spring break, according to court documents.

Judge And JuryOn April 27, Leach was released on pretrial conditions, which he later violated, by creating a bogus confession that implicated another student in the crime. He was arrested on May 26 and remained detained until May 30. He was prohibited from utilizing any Internet-connected device, contacting students and staff at South Burlington High School and trespassing within 500-feet of the school on Dorset Street.

Leach’s sentencing is scheduled for February 20 in Rutland.

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