Unlicensed Salons Offering Illegal Tattoo Eyebrow Services In Baltimore


Many people are under the impression that it is perfectly safe to undergo procedures that involve utilizing needles and ink to draw eyebrows on their body.

In Baltimore it is illegal to offer long-lasting, semi-permanent and permanent eyebrow and permanent makeup applications to the public from a salon. Baltimore health officials have initiated a warning to residents that “microblading” poses health hazards, such as the spread of HIV and bacterial infections.The Baltimore City Health Department regulates licensed tattoo parlors, because of potential health risks. Tattooing is only permitted in licensed tattoo facilities by tattoo artists registered with the health department.

“We regulate tattoo facilities to protect the health and safety of our residents. Besides the cosmetic damage that may include permanent scarring, tattooing in unlicensed facilities can lead to infections such as MRSA, HIV, Hepatitis B and C,” Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen, said in a statement. “Residents can stay safe by making sure to choose licensed tattoo facilities for microblading and permanent makeup application.”

Baltimore salons providing unlicensed tattooing services may have their licensed revoked or suspended or be fined by the health department. A separate licensed facility is required to legally offer tattooing to the public.

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