Union Craft Brewing Unveils Expansion Plan With A New Brewery, Taproom And Retail Complex


On Tuesday, Union Craft Brewing in Hampden unveiled plans to expand into a substantially larger facility, anchoring a brand new 10 ½-acre retail and manufacturing complex called Union Collective.

Union Collective will feature a taproom and brewery that will be three times greater than its current facility, along with space for eight manufacturers, nonprofits and businesses. Union Craft Brewing co-founder Jon Zerivitz said the manufacturing and retail space is expected to open this fall and the taproom and brewery next spring.

In partnership with Seawall Development Co., the firm responsible for developing R. House food hall in Remington, Union Craft Brewing will construct the new facility at 1700 West 41st Street in nearby Medfield. Construction is expected to begin July 1.For the past two years, Union has been searching for a new home. Zerivitz said the company is relieved the new location is in the same community and roughly a half-mile from the current facility.

The company is highly recognized for beers like Old Pro and Duckpin Pale Ale. The current 15,000-square-foot facility produces an estimated 14,000 barrels of beer each year. The expansion will allow the company to expand production to 30,000 barrels and create over 100 new jobs within 7-10 years.

The 138,000-square-foot warehouse Seawall and Union will transform was most recently utilized by Hedwin Corp. and before that it was a Sears service center.

Approximately “60-70 percent” of tenants have already entered into a contract with the firm, while Zerivitz refused to name the companies he did confirm that they all would be based out of Baltimore.

“We have made so many friends in the manufacturing industry – young entrepreneurs that have started businesses here in Baltimore that are all going through the same growing pains,” Zerivitz said. “Why not try and purchase this property and bring everybody down here together and create something even larger than just a bigger brewery?”

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