Under Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz Budget Proposal Top Official Would Get A $15,000 Salary Increase


Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz budget proposal would increase the salary of the county administrative officer, Fred Homan, by nearly 7 percent or $15,000 per year. The salary adjustment would increase Homan’s annual salary from $225,000 to $240,000.

County Council members are having mixed feelings about the increase, since the general county employees, such as department directors would only get 2 percent increases.

Police, fire chiefs and county department heads report to Homan, who is responsible day-to-day operations of the county government and reports to the county executive.

Two County Council members say Homan’s salary increase is cause for concern.

“I just think everyone should receive the same amount of salary increase,” said councilman Wade Kach. “I don’t think it’s right for one particular person to get a 7 percent increase.”

Kach said most of the cost-of-living adjustments for county workers would probably be consumed by spiking health care costs.

Councilman Todd Crandell is also questioning Kamenetz proposal, which is proposing no increase for county retirees.

Ellen Kobler, Baltimore County spokeswoman, said in a statement Homan was not eligible for cost-of-living adjustments that general county employees received the past three years. “In addition, three department heads who report to him make more,” Kobler said.

Former county executive Jim Smith named Homan, a 38-year Baltimore County employee the county administrative officer in 2006.

Some County Council members view the proposed increase as a justified adjustment to Homan’s salary, since he did not receive a cost-of-living raise over the past few years.

The County Council will vote on the budget May 25.

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